Pre-Visit Planning Information

Thank you for scheduling a field trip with the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center. To help you get the most out of your visit, we have developed a variety of pre- and post-visit materials that are designed to prepare and organize your students for a field trip.

The Museum is passionate about supporting students and the remarkable teachers working with them. Your students will observe, question, investigate, and communicate as they deepen their understanding of the Holocaust and genocide throughout their own world. Learning happens here – through exploration in our exhibits, and through the conversations your students have with you, other students, and our staff and volunteers. Thank you for the incredible opportunity to work with your students.

ALL Field Trips

Grades 7-12

Grades 3-6

How to Use Our Resources

Because there are multiple components to our pre- and post-visit information, we do recommend you consider what best suits the needs of your students. You will find background information, hands-on activities, websites, and helpful ideas on how to make your day at the Museum extraordinary. Feel free to duplicate these materials for other educators and chaperones attending the field trip.

For additional resources, research materials, and suggested reading lists, please explore our Brill Family Resource Center.

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