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Our Museum offers educational programs and events to equip and empower students and educators to understand the impact of the Holocaust, genocide, and injustices in our world.

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Illinois Holocaust Museum’s mission, in its shortest form, is “Remember the Past, Transform the Future.” We work every day to teach the history and lessons of the Holocaust and how those lessons apply to the world we live in. The Holocaust is one of the most defining chapters of our history, and there is so much knowledge to be gained from this history.

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Holocaust Survivors

Illinois Holocaust Museum was founded by Survivors in response to an attempted neo-Nazi march in Skokie, Illinois in 1978. These Survivors were committed to educating about the Holocaust, extracting its lessons, and connecting those lessons to the current day. They raised funds to build the Museum, lobbied Springfield to enact a Holocaust education mandate, and continue to tell their stories to thousands of people each year.

Survivor Stories

Holocaust History

The Holocaust was the world’s worst genocide with over 6 million Jews and millions of others murdered by the Nazi regime through the 30s and 40s.

Holocaust Resource Guide Holocaust Misconceptions


The Museum has compiled the following list to help students, educators, researchers, writers, and members of the general public seeking reputable sources on genocide. For teachers looking specifically for educational resources, please click here.

Genocide Resources Guide

Speakers & Tours

Visiting the Museum or hearing from a Survivor speaker first-hand provides an experience that can’t be replicated.

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Illinois Holocaust Museum presents a range of educational opportunities designed for educators, students, lawyers, judges, and the general public.

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Brill Family Resource Center

The Brill Family Resource Center has a collection of more than 13,000 fiction, non-fiction, and reference resources for adults, teens, and children along with hundreds of media resources. Individuals interested in learning more about the Holocaust and genocide as well as students and educators seeking educational resources are encouraged to visit the center.

Please email for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Brill Family Resource Center

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