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Survivor Profiles

Each Survivor of the Holocaust has a unique story – these stories often include suffering, kindness, luck, and more. This page highlights Chicagoland Survivors and gives web visitors the chance to explore the range of Holocaust Survivor experiences – one story at a time.

We continue to work on this page, adding more and more Survivor stories. Please visit again soon to view updates.

My fear today is that people will forget the Holocaust.

Sam Harris, Holocaust Survivor & Museum President Emeritus

Every Survivor Has a Story...

Janine Oberrotman

Lvov, Poland

1925 - Present

Walter Reed

Wuerzburg, Germany

1925 - 2016

Israel Starck

Podhoryan-Munkács, Czechoslovakia

1929 - Present

Sia Hertsberg

Riga, Latvia

1927 - Present

Eva Schloss

Vienna, Austria

1929 - Present

Vera Burstyn

Budapest, Hungary

1939 - Present

Adele Zaveduk

Paris, France

1937 - 2020

Matus Stolov

Minsk, Belarussia

1928 - 2020

Sharon Pitluk Silver

Knyszyn, Poland

1941 - Present

Max Epstein

Lodz, Poland

1925 - 2020

Ava Kashison Shieber

Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

1926 - 2022

Mitchell Winthrop

Lodz, Poland

1926 - Present

Photo credits: Chris Strong

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