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The third-largest Holocaust museum in the world, Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center provides a world-class museum and education experience, honoring memories and inspiring individuals, regardless of age, to stand up for what they believe in.


What to see.  What to do.  What you can learn.

Karkomi Holocaust ExhibitionKarkomi Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition
The Karkomi Holocaust Exhibition seamlessly weaves Survivor narratives, personal belongings, photographs, and videos into a moving and responsive experience. 
(TIME: 90–120 MINUTES)


Women in the Holocaust Tour

This enhanced and highly focused tour of the Karkomi Holocaust Exhibition explores the changing and evolving roles of women before, during, and as a result of the Holocaust. (TIME: 90 MINUTES)



Symbolic by Design Architectural Tourpritzker-hall-of-reflection

Permanent Program

This tour begins with an exploration of the Museum’s striking exterior (weather permitting) and continues within, resulting in an in-depth understanding and appreciation of award-winning Chicago architect Stanley Tigerman’s use of design, symbolism, and light to tell the story of the Holocaust. (TIME: 60 MINUTES)


Special Exhibitions and Galleries
Changing Regularly
Three rotating special exhibitions and galleries offer new perspectives on relevant contemporary issues such as race, refugees, ethics, and culture. (TIME: 60 MINUTES)
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interactive survivor - PinchasInteractive Survivor Experience
Stories for Generations to Come…
What will happen when the Holocaust Survivors are no longer here to tell their stories? Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center
is the world’s first museum to feature groundbreaking interactive voice recognition technology enabling visitors to engage in conversation with a three-dimensional, strikingly life-like image of an actual Holocaust Survivor. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions and hear the answers and stories in the Survivor’s own voice. (TIME: 30 MINUTES)


Deli Box Lunch Available

Whether your group is coming from another venue, spending most of the day at the Museum, or on a tight schedule, add to the authentic experience by dining on original Chicago deli food.
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What You Should Know

Parking is FREE | Free Wi-Fi available | Conveniently located near Old Orchard Shopping Center | The Museum is ADA compliant | Photography is allowed in designated areas | The Museum is available for private meetings and events
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