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Survivor Profiles: George Levy Mueller

I knew 100% that we were going to make it out of here. All we had to do was stay alive… it was bad, but you still live, and you still have hope.

George Levy Mueller

His Story:

George Levy Mueller was born in Germany. His parents were Max and Lucie Levy. In 1938, George and his family were forced out of their home and into a “Juden Haus” (Jew House). On November 9, during Kristallnacht, George’s father and uncle were arrested and taken to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Following Kristallnacht, George and his sister Ursula were sent to Holland, were they lived in a convent until 1943. In 1943, they were deported to the Vught concentration camp, after followed by Westerbork, and finally to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany. They were liberated in April, 1945, by the Russian army while on a death train. George and Ursula returned to Holland and eventually came to the United States in 1947.

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