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Group Tours

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center provides a world-class experience that inspires its visitors, regardless of age, to stand up for what they believe in.

Private adult group tours are custom-designed for groups of 15 or more and include a full range of Museum experiences. Available on-site and virtual group tours are described below.

Group Tour Options

  • On-Site
  • Holocaust
  • Family
  • Virtual
  • Special Exhibition

“I’ll Have What She’s Having”: The Jewish Deli

“I’ll Have What She’s Having” explores how Jewish immigrants imported and adapted traditions to create a uniquely American restaurant. More >>

The Girl in the Diary: Searching for Rywka from the Łódz Ghetto

The Girl in the Diary shares the story of a young girl who, despite losing her siblings and parents, never lost her hope or her faith. More >>

Notorious RBG

Notorious RBG is a vibrant exploration of Justice Ginsburg’s life and her roles as a mother, lawyer, judge, women’s rights pioneer, and Internet phenomenon. More >>

Chim: Between Devastation and Resurrection

Chim: Between Devastation and Resurrection is an exhibit of post-World War II photography by Magnum Photos co-founder David Seymour. More>>

Stories of Survival: Object. Image. Memory.

Stories of Survival is an award-winning exhibition that reflects upon individual stories of the Holocaust and genocides & conflicts around the world. More >>

Shanghai: Safe Haven During the Holocaust

Shanghai sheds light on a lesser-known moment in Holocaust history. European Jews, shut out of country after country while fleeing Nazi persecution, found hope in an unlikely place: Shanghai, China. More >>

Zev & Shifra Karkomi Holocaust Exhibition

Karkomi Holocaust Exhibition seamlessly weaves Survivor narratives, personal belongings, photographs, and videos into a moving experience. More >>

Survivor Stories Experience

The Abe & Ida Cooper Survivor Stories Experience Holographic Theater pairs high-definition interviews with voice recognition technology, enabling Survivors to respond to questions from the audience. More >>

Women in the Holocaust Tour

This focused tour of Karkomi Holocaust Exhibition explores the changing and evolving roles of women before, during, and as a result of the Holocaust. More >>

Thematic Tour | Ghettoization During the Holocaust

This focused tour of Karkomi Holocaust Exhibition reveals what life was like behind the walls of ghettos in occupied Europe and the Soviet Union. More >>

Thematic Tour | Children of the Holocaust

This focused tour of Karkomi Holocaust Exhibition explores the lives of Jewish children and adolescents before, during, and after the war. More >>

Thematic Tour | Nazi Propaganda: Fueling Hate and Genocide

This focused tour of Karkomi Holocaust Exhibition examines techniques the Nazis used to build support and acceptance of their vision for Germany’s future. More >>

Thematic Tour | Spiritual Resistance During the Holocaust

This virtual thematic tour highlights artifacts and stories from the Museum’s core Holocaust Exhibition through the lens of Jewish spiritual resistance. More >>

Symbolic by Design Architectural Tour

Get an in-depth understanding of legendary architect Stanley Tigerman’s use of symbolism as he tells the story of the Holocaust through the Museum building. More >>

Inspired To Act

This adult group experience features an overview of two core Museum exhibitions and includes a docent-facilitated conversation after the tour. More >>

Family Tour

While adult group members tour the Museum’s core Holocaust exhibition, group members 12 and under tour two youth-friendly exhibitions. After the tour, all members reconnect for a shared experience of your choosing. More >>

Photo credits: Kathleen Hinkel; Scott Edwards; Sierra Wolff

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