Genocide Resource Links


Amnesty International
A worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights

Genocide Watch
Provides public information on the nature of genocide, creates an early warning system, and aims to prevent and stop genocides as well as punish perpetrators of genocides

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is dedicated to standing with victims and activists to prevent discrimination; to uphold political freedom; to protect people form inhumane conduct in wartime; and to bring offenders to justice. The organization also investigates and exposes human rights violations and holds abusers accountable

Institute for the Study of Genocide- International Association for Genocide Scholars
Contains definitions of genocide, the United Nations Genocide Convention, book lists, and issues and alerts about genocides.

Prevent Genocide International
Established in 1998, Prevent Genocide International is a global education and action network for the prevention of genocide and crimes against humanity

The History Place: Genocide in the Twentieth Century
Articles on Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, Cambodia, The Holocaust, Ukrainian Famine, and Armenia

United State Holocaust Memorial Museum Committee on Conscience
Genocide alerts, history of genocide, current news articles, photos, analysis, and student forums

Yale Center for International and Area Studies: Genocide Studies Program
Covers genocide in Cambodia, East Timor, Rwanda, Sudan, Bosnia, Armenia, colonial genocides, and the Holocaust. Site includes maps, databases, links, and information available in a variety of languages.


Armenian National Institute
Photo collections, sample documents, maps, chronology, educational resources and genocide research

The Genocide Education Project
Designed specifically for school teachers, providing resources for teaching about the Armenian Genocide

The History Place
General history of the Armenian genocide


Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Inc.

Ukrainian Weekly
Ukrainian Genocide Famine archives of specialized issues and eyewitness accounts.

Info Ukes: Ukrainian Genocide Pages
Includes film resources, first person accounts, and historic perspective.

US Library of Congress

Ukrainian World Congress


Cambodian Genocide Project
Yale Center for International and Area Studies
Database, resource list, photographs, maps and discussion of US involvement

From Sideshow to Genocide: Stories of the Cambodian Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois
Definition of genocide, Cambodia before the genocide, The Khmer Rouge years, survivor stories and resources

History Whiz
Multimedia exhibit on the Cambodian Genocide

The Digital Archive of Cambodian Holocaust Survivors
Information on Cambodia today, the Killing Fields, Cambodian Genocide Justice Act, and survivor stories

The Flute Player
The story of Arn Chorn-Pond. A survivor of Cambodia’s killing fields, Arn Chorn—Pond now fights to save Cambodia’s traditional music from extinction

The Cambodian Tribunal Monitor
Primary source for news and information, expert commentary and webcasts on the 2008 Cambodian Tribunal proceedings.

Documentation Center of Cambodia
Serves as a major source of information about the Cambodian genocide and is the world’s largest repository of printed documents and other original materials relating to the Khmer Rouge regime.


Balkans War: A Brief Guide (BBC): Contains background information on the conflict. 

Bosnian American Genocide Institute & Education Center

Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Study
Links to sites dealing with genocide in the Balkans

Srebrenica Memorial Center

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Bosnia- Herzegovina Case Study: Contains background information on the conflict and genocide. Source for eyewitness testimony. 


Leaven None to Tell the Story: Genocide in Rwanda
Extensive information on the Rwandan Genocide. History, propaganda techniques, warnings, organization, justice and responsibility, and a report on 10 years after the genocide.

PSB Frontline: Ghosts of Rwanda
Program devoted to the 10th anniversary of the genocide. Features articles, timeline, interviews, video excerpts, and information about the International Criminal Tribunal.

PBS Frontline: The Triumph of Evil
Site for the PBS Frontline special about how the West ignored the warnings about genocide in Rwanda and turned its back on the victims. Interviews with US and UN officials, chronology of US/UN actions, readings, and materials for educators.

The History Place
Brief summary of the Rwandan Genocide

World Outside My Shoes: Information on Carl Wilkens, the only American who stayed in Rwanda at the time of the genocide. 


United State Holocaust Memorial Museum: Sudan Case Study: Genocide alerts, history of Darfur genocide, current news articles, photos, analysis, and teacher resources

History of the Darfur genocide and action steps to raise awareness on Darfur, Uganda and the Congo.


I AM SYRIA: Educator resources on how to teach the civil war and atrocities in Syria

Illinois University Library: Syrian Conflict Resources

The White Helmets: The White Helmets (also known as the Syria Civil Defence) are humanitarian volunteers who risk their lives to help anyone in need – regardless of their religion or politics. 

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Case Study Syria: Contains background information on the conflict and atrocities being committed inside Syria. 

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Syria Research Project


BBC: What You Need to Know About Rohingya: Contains background information on the Rohingya and the current atrocities. 

Human Rights Watch: Rohingya

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Case Study: Burma


PBS News Hour: What is happening with the Uyghurs in China

Campaign for Uyghurs: The organization works to promote and advocate for the human rights and democratic freedoms for the Uyghurs and other Turkic people in East Turkistan

Uyghur Human Rights Project: UHRP is a human rights research, reporting and advocacy organization. The organization focuses on promoting human rights and democracy for Uyghurs and others living in East Turkistan.

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