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Ways to Take Action

Genocide continues to challenge nations, institutions and individuals  in our world today.  At Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, we teach about historical and contemporary genocides, from Armenia to Syria, Rwanda to Burma, empowering today’s generation to find their voice and work towards prevention. Only then can “never again” move from promise to practice, from hope into reality.

How You Can Help Stop Genocide

Change begins with each of us. Here’s what you can do to help.

Stay Informed

Raise Awareness

  • Create a social media campaign raising awareness about contemporary genocide or a mass atrocity.
  • Write an op-ed column or a letter to an editor about contemporary genocide or a mass atrocity.
  • Write a blog post: You can increase coverage of a contemporary genocide or mass atrocity in the blogosphere by posting about events you attend, offering comments on articles and editorials you read, or issuing your own opinion pieces.

Join an Organization

Become a member of an organization like Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center that empowers individuals and communities to take action to prevent/end genocide.  Other groups are noted below.

  • STAND: STAND is the student-led movement to end mass atrocities. At its core, their mission is to empower individuals and communities with the tools to prevent and end genocide.
  • ENOUGH: joint initiative founded by the International Crisis Group and the Center for American Progress, to prevent and resolve genocide and mass atrocities.
  • TogetherWeRemember: #TogetherWeRemember is a grassroots truth and reconciliation organization designed to foster collective memory and inspire collective action to prevent genocide and identity-violence.

Lobby the Government

  • Contact your elected officials via email, phone call, or letter. For information about current legislative options, visit the United to End Genocide Take Action
  • Consider attending a lobby meeting. Lobby meetings are often centered around a specific “ask” of the legislator, typically their support on a particular piece of legislation, releasing a statement or signing on to congressional letters, etc.

Lead a Letter-Writing Campaign

  • When you want to take a stand on a policy, whether governmental or with regard to a public or private company, a letter-writing campaign could be your best response. Personal letters from a large group of people have the power create change and inspire the public to support your cause.

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