The Harvey L. Miller Family Youth Exhibition

Harvey L. Miller Family Youth ExhibitionLearning is mixed with fun in this highly interactive space where hands-on activities teach kids ages 8-12 to respect differences, address bullying, and take a stand on issues that matter to them. Children can:

  • Peek inside school lockers to find surprising stories about Rosa Parks, Anne Frank and others who took a stand
  • Confront “bully frogs” in an interactive virtual reality game
  • Assemble a giant 3D puzzle to figure out who’s being left out at the cafeteria lunch table
  • Give advice to kids in sticky situations or tell their own stories on video
  • Make a pledge to be an upstander in their own community

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and grow with your child– it’s never too early to talk to your kids about standing up for themselves and others!

To book a field trip in the Youth Exhibition, please visit our Field Trips page.



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