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Holocaust Resources

The Museum has compiled the following list to help students, educators, researchers, writers, and members of the general public seeking reputable sources on the Holocaust and genocide.

For teachers looking specifically for educational resources, please click here.


A Museum-curated guide to common myths and misconceptions surrounding the Holocaust.

Anne Frank Museum

Comprehensive online resources on Anne Frank, including a bibliography, curriculum, downloadable materials, and an interactive illustrated scrapbook on the life of Anne Frank for younger students.

Anti-Defamation League

Extensive resources and materials on issues of antisemitism, civil rights, hate crimes, and the Holocaust.

Arnold-Liebster Foundation

Comprehensive resources on the Nazi persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses, including online and downloadable study guides and lesson plans, Survivor memoirs, traveling exhibits, online exhibitions, interactive video conference with Survivors, curriculum resources, and more.


Since 2000, Centropa has interviewed more than 1,250 elderly Jews still living in the 15 countries between the Baltic and the Aegean (from Estonia and Russia to Greece and Turkey). The interviews are taped, transcribed, translated, and entered into an online database, “Jewish Witness to a European Century.”

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

The mission of the Claims Conference is to secure a small measure of justice for Jewish victims of Nazi persecution.

Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History engages students of diverse backgrounds in an examination of racism, prejudice, and antisemitism in order to promote the development of a more humane and informed citizenry. By studying the historical development and lessons of the Holocaust and other examples of genocide, students make the essential connection between history and the choices they confront in their own lives. The site provides comprehensive online resources, including downloadable lessons and units, classroom strategies, online modules, a lending library, and professional development opportunities.

Galicia Jewish Museum

The Galicia Jewish Museum exists to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and celebrate the Jewish culture of Polish Galicia, presenting Jewish history from a new perspective. An innovative and unique institution located in Kazimierz, the Jewish district of Kraków, Poland, the Museum is a registered charity in Poland and the UK. The objectives of the Museum are to challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions typically associated with the Jewish past in Poland and to educate both Poles and Jews about their own histories whilst encouraging them to think about the future.

Generations of the Shoah International

A worldwide network of children and grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors, all linked together with the common goals of preserving and honoring legacy, sharing resources and programming, providing emotional support, and tackling issues of mutual interest.

Illinois Holocaust and Genocide Commission

In 2010, the Illinois legislature passed the Illinois Holocaust and Genocide Commission Act, which created the Illinois Holocaust and Genocide Commission. Dedicated to promoting and providing guidance on Holocaust and genocide education and commemoration across the State, the Commission represents the State’s continued visionary leadership to combat the evils of genocide and foster the promotion of human rights.

Jewish Foundation for the Righteous (JFR)

Jewish Foundation for the Righteous was established to fulfill the traditional Jewish commitment to hakarat hatov, the searching out and recognition of goodness. They provide financial assistance to aged and needy non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust and educate teachers and students about the history of the Holocaust and rescue. Educators will find valuable resources available for purchase, as well as information on seminar programs. Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center is recognized as a Center of Excellence by the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous.

Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation

Considered to be the largest on-line resource for information on the Jewish partisans. The site’s materials are available free of charge, geared toward grades 7-12, and may be accessed directly from the classroom. Teachers and students can download study guides, watch personal testimonies, and explore a 3-D version of a partisan bunker and more.

USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive

Containing testimonies from 56 countries and in 32 languages, this site provides online lesson plans, downloadable or streamable videos, online exhibitions, and special segments using an extensive archive of testimony.

Simon Wiesenthal Center

International Jewish human rights organization dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust by fostering tolerance and understanding through community involvement, educational outreach, and social action.

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM)

A living memorial to the Holocaust, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum inspires citizens and leaders worldwide to confront hatred, promote human dignity, and prevent genocide. USHMM offers extensive resources with exceptional materials, narratives, images, virtual exhibitions, and lesson plans.

Yad Vashem, Israel Holocaust Martyr’s and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority

Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, is the Jewish people’s memorial to the murdered Six Million and symbolizes the ongoing confrontation with the rupture engendered by the Holocaust. Containing the world’s largest repository of information on the Holocaust, Yad Vashem is a leader in Shoah education, commemoration, research and documentation. Yad Vashem provides comprehensive historical overview through online resources, virtual exhibitions, and lesson plans.

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