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Virtual Reality Film Experience: Walk to Westerbork

Richard & Jill Chaifetz Family Virtual Reality Gallery
Ongoing Exhibition

Created by Illinois Holocaust Museum and award-winning production company East City Films, Walk to Westerbork is a remarkable virtual reality experience that shares an intensely personal account of a young girl’s survival during the Holocaust.

Audiences accompany Rodi Glass as she revisits the sites of her survival from Amsterdam, Westerbork transit camp, and Vittel internment camp. With immersive cinematography, stylized animation, 360 sound, and an incredible archive of family photos and documents, Rodi takes the audience through the often-neglected story of the annihilation of 75% of Jews from the Netherlands.

Ultimately, Rodi’s story is one of luck, resilience, and love for her family – and these are the threads that run through Walk to Westerbork, showing the capacity of the human spirit to not only survive but thrive.

Filmed on location in the Netherlands, France, and the United States, Walk to Westerbork is told in the first person from Rodi’s point of view as a young child during World War II. The virtual reality experience brings the audience directly into Rodi’s intimate family memories, the rollercoaster of their arrest, the three times they were imprisoned in Westerbork, and their time in a prisoners of war camp in Vittel as she reveals how they survived the Holocaust.

More About ‘The Journey Back: A VR Experience’
Rodi shares what she wants people to learn from her story.
Rodi shares what she wants people to know after watching her VR film.
Rodi shares why she agreed to make this film.

In Memory of  
The Waterman Family
Uncle Max and the 102,000 Dutch Jews murdered in the Holocaust 

Lead Sponsor 
Rodi & Marvin Glass Family Foundation  

Directed by 
Mary Matheson 
Executive Producer 
Ashley Cowan 
Creative Director 
Darren Emerson 

Micaela Blitz 

Executive Producers – Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center 
Senior Vice President of Education & Exhibitions – Kelley Szany 
Chief Curator of Collections & Exhibitions – Arielle Weininger 
Associate Director of Education – Amanda Friedeman 
Director of Education – Leah Rauch 


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