Law Enforcement Action in Democracy

The Brill Law Enforcement Action in Democracy (LEAD) training provides Chicago Police recruits and newly promoted Sergeants and Lieutenants; Cook County Sherriff and Correctional Department recruits; and suburban law enforcement, with the tools necessary for understanding abuses of authority, responding to hate crimes and bias, and balancing the rights of individuals with societal protection. 

Through a partnership with the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, North East Multi-Regional Training, Inc, Cook County, and CPD Education and Training Division, each officer and recruit spends a full-day day at the Museum exploring the meaning and importance of democracy and law enforcement through the lens of the Holocaust, and its impact on empathy, ethics, moral, and human and civil rights in their decision making process.

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Chicago Magazine | The Wrong Side of History
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NBC5  | Police Recruits Spend Day Immersed in History
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Daily Herald | Skokie Holocaust museum holds conference for law enforcement
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Chicago Tribune | A cop course about heart
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Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center and Anti-Defamation League Launch “Law Enforcement and Democracy Initiative”
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