Contribute to the Collection

Your original artifacts relating to the Holocaust and the experiences of individuals whose lives were directly affected by those events can inspire future generations and empower young people to fight intolerance, hatred and antisemitism.

The Museum collects materials that illustrate and document:

  • Prewar life of communities targeted by the Nazis
  • Rise of Nazism
  • Repression and crimes of the Nazi regime and its collaborators
  • World response to the Nazi regime and its occupation of Europe
  • Resistance, rescue, and life in hiding
  • Liberation and reemergence of Jewish life after the war with an emphasis on the Midwest region
  • Pursuit of justice through restitution and war crimes trials
  • Attempted 1970’s neo-Nazi march in Skokie

Types of materials collected by the Museum include:

  • Art: period drawings, prints, sculpture, posters, and other creative works
  • Audio and video testimonies
  • Books and pamphlets
  • Broadsides, announcements, advertisements, posters and maps
  • Film, video and audio recordings
  • Furnishings, architectural fragments, models, machinery, and tools
  • Personal effects, ritual objects, jewelry, musical instruments, and numismatics (coins)
  • Personal papers and government documents, correspondence, diaries, memoirs, and scrapbooks
  • Photographs and photo albums
  • Textiles: uniforms, costumes, clothing, badges, armbands, flags, and banners
  • Works of art created after the Holocaust:

The Museum collection is largely focused on period documentation, however, on rare occasion, and under exceptional circumstance, may acquire original works of art created after the Holocaust.

If you have items which you believe would make valuable additions to the collection, please contact the Collections Department at 847.967.4817 or

Unsolicited donations sent through the mail or without appointment in person cannot be accepted. Museum staff cannot provide appraisal values for donations.

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