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We are concerned about the latest reports of increasing verbal harassment and physical violence targeting Jewish students on college campuses. It is all the more alarming that some of the harassment uses references to the Holocaust. Jewish Americans hold a wealth of political viewpoints, backgrounds, and identities. It is antisemitic to assume that, by being… Read More

As the world watches the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza, moments like this reverberate with many Holocaust Survivors. Today, on the 85th anniversary of “Kristallnacht,” several Survivors have come together to share a message with the world.  Our hearts are broken – but now is not the time to give up. Over 80 years ago… Read More

Resolution of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors WHEREAS: We – the community of Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center – mourn the murder and wounding of hundreds of soldiers and innocent Israeli civilians during an unprovoked attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists, which is known to have resulted in more than 1,300… Read More

Prior to Nazi Germany, in a period known as the Weimar Republic, queer people lived openly in a society that allowed LGBTQ+ spaces to exist to such an extent that Berlin was considered the queer capital of the world. In these spaces queer people found freedom, community, and joy living openly as their authentic selves…. Read More

The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center is proud to announce the appointment of national nonprofit leader Bernard Cherkasov as the Museum’s Chief Executive Officer. Cherkasov joins the Museum during an incredible moment in its history. In 2022, the Museum saw record-high attendance and gained international attention for its groundbreaking virtual reality exhibition, leadership combating… Read More

Museums are bearers of history. By housing the artifacts and documents of the past, we ensure that the truth, both noble and horrific, of what humanity has done remains shared and accessible. We at Holocaust museums around the world have a particular mission. The stories we tell are ones of destruction and pain, and of… Read More

This week, legislation was passed in Florida that restricts elementary school teachers from addressing gender and sexuality in the classroom. But cisgender and heterosexual identities are implicitly addressed in classroom settings every day. This bill is targeting LGBTQ+ kids and LGBTQ+ families. The “Don’t Say Gay” (HB 1557) bill is part of a larger effort… Read More

We are excited to announce the launch of a new podcast series, “Resistance, Resilience and Hope: Holocaust Survivor Stories.” A co-production of Illinois Holocaust Museum and Studio C, the podcast is an uplifting and thought-provoking series that shares an intimate glimpse into the lives of Holocaust Survivors through one-on-one conversation. Join the Survivors on a… Read More

I’m a huge sports fan. And while I have a particular penchant for my hometown Chicago teams, I’ll tune in to any big game. For me, sports provide the unscripted drama that supersedes the latest Netflix binge. Watching an underdog college basketball team make a surprise run to the Elite Eight provides me with exhilaration… Read More

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