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Beyond Food, Fashion, and festivals: How to Teach about the Asian American Experience

February 23, 2022 | 3:30pm CST


For K-12th grade educators 

In July 2021 the TEAACH Act or Teaching Equitable Asian American Community History Act was signed into law, making Illinois the first state in the nation to require the teaching of the Asian American experience in K-12 public schools.  This act ensures students will understand the perspectives and contributions of Asian Americans and create a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of American history.  To prepare K-12 teachers to incorporate Asian American voices, experiences, and perspectives into the curriculum, this professional development workshop will introduce the TEAACH Act and briefly present key historical themes facing Asian Americans then and today.  The session will explore the problematic approach to focusing solely on visible cultural elements that are often employed when teaching about Asian Americans, and encourage a deeper exploration of the community’s diverse experience by engaging in a variety of lesson plans and resources for the classroom.  Participants will walk away with the confidence to teach beyond the superficial, and toward a richer understanding of the Asian American experience. 

Presented in partnership with Asian Americans Advancing Justice Chicago 

Esther K. Hurh is a highly seasoned education consultant with 26 years of experience in facilitation, training, program management, and strategic planning.  Her content areas of expertise include diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), social justice education, Asian American history, and Holocaust education.   

2 Illinois Clock Hours 

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