Confronting Hate Toolkit Generously Sponsored by Fifth Third Bank

The mission of Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center is expressed in our founding principle: Remember the Past, Transform the Future. With that goal in mind, we work to teach current generations to fight hatred, prejudice, indifference, and genocide in today’s environment. Through world-class exhibitions, programs, and professional development opportunities, the Museum inspires individuals and organizations with a universal wake-up call to action: Take history to heart. Take a stand for humanity.

In 2019, Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center received a 90% increase in inquiries from schools and individuals looking for support as they grapple with hate incidents. This toolkit is designed to share practical tools and resources that can be used immediately.

History has shown us the dire consequences when hatred and prejudice are met with silence and indifference. Often beginning with words, hatred can accelerate quickly when left unchecked. We must take seriously these early warning signs and take action to intervene. YOU have the power to build safe, inclusive, and caring school communities, and we are here to help you navigate challenges. Let’s take a stand, together.

Susan Abrams, Chief Executive Officer                                          Wendy Singer, Director of Education



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