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What is a Visitor Experience Volunteer?

Visitor Experience Volunteers are the cornerstone to our Museum founded on volunteers who are passionate about our mission and want to provide each visitor with a positive, inspiring and empowering experience.

How to become a Visitor Experience Volunteer?

Admission of the Museum Volunteer Program is open to all those who possess the qualities necessary to become an effective volunteer. All candidates must submit the Volunteer Application Form under “How do I apply?”, agree to a background check and complete their training before their first volunteer assignment.

Who should apply?

Our Museum welcomes every individual  is over 18 years old and who is passionate about the Museum’s mission. In order to provide a standard of excellence for our visitors, all volunteers are required to:

  • Understand and support the purpose, structure, and policies of the Museum;
  • Make his or her special skills or experience available to the Museum;
  • Conduct himself or herself in accordance with the standards of conduct and ethic of the Museum;
  • Complete any orientation, training course, or continuing education required;
  • Endeavor to be flexible in accepting assignments;
  • Perform assigned responsibilities willingly and courteously to the best of his or her ability;
  • Accept the guidance of his or her manager or supervisor;
  • Comply with the time and dress requirements of the Museum;
  • Obey all security and safety rules of the Museum;
  • Respect the confidentiality of sensitive proprietary information;
  • Provide timely notification to his or her supervisor of absence or resignation;
  • Serve as a goodwill ambassador for the Museum to the community.

In addition to meeting these standards, Museum volunteers must:

  • Commit to a regular volunteer schedule (8 hours per month) of 3-6-hour shifts on scheduled days;
  • Commit to a minimum of one year of service to the Museum;
  • Maintain an active Museum membership.

Volunteer Benefits:

The Museum appreciates the service provided by its volunteers and offers them the following benefits:

  • Professional orientation and training;
  • A supportive climate where volunteers can perform and grow;
  • Use of the Volunteer Lounge during Museum hours;
  • Borrowing privileges in the Library;
  • As a member of the Museum, you will also have 10% Legacy Shop discount

How do I apply?

We will be accepting new volunteers to start in November 2016. If interested, contact Fanny Sampson-Cohen, 847.967.4864, 


Although the Museum is closed for now, we invite you to visit our Virtual Museum and connect with us online! We have a wide range of virtual programs and tours available.
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