Jane Addams
Social reformer, advocate for women’s, children’s, and immigrant rights.

Henry Cervantes
Peace Builder at the Peace Exchange, a Chicago organization that teaches young community leaders to advocate for nonviolence.

George Clooney
Co-founded Satellite Sentinel, which tracks and documents genocidal activity in Sudan and South Sudan by satellite.

Theaster Gates
Artist, Chicagoan, founder of Rebuild Foundation, investing in arts, cultural programming, and developing entrepreneurial skills of local residents.

Jan Karski
A Roman Catholic and Polish resistance member during WWII who reported on the Nazi atrocities he witnessed to political leaders around the world, none of whom acted upon his intelligence.

Craig & Marc Kielburger
Founders of Free the Children and We Day, global development and children’s rights activists.

Zivia Lubetkin
Leader of the Jewish Underground in the Warsaw Ghetto, and only woman in high command of the ZOB.

Juan Mendez
After being physically and mentally tortured for 18 months in his native Argentina for representing political activists, Juan Mendez turned his legal skills to finding justice for torture victims.

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