Generation to Generation

Preserve the Legacy

The Generation to Generation program, affiliated with the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, is looking for members interested in developing friendships with Holocaust survivors and learning their personal stories of survival.   Generation to Generation is designed to match Holocaust survivors with volunteer partners who are interested in learning about the survivors’ experiences before, during and after the Holocaust.  The partners are charged with, one day, sharing these individual stories of survival with students and visitors to the museum through the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center Speakers’ Bureau.  The Speakers’ Bureau is a group (currently consisting only of people who have survived the Holocaust) who share their stories of survival with adults and students when they visit the museum.

The Generation to Generation program meets formally approximately four times per year for training, social and educational events while the remainder of the year, volunteer partners are expected to meet independently with their partner to learn his or her story, and to get to know him or her on a personal level.  For more information, please contact Lillian Gerstner at





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