Trunk FAQ

How do I reserve a trunk for my class? 

Complete an online request form to reserve a trunk.  Trunk requests are filled based on availability, and on a first-come, first-served basis.  You should receive an email confirmation of your trunk request within 10 business days.

How long can I keep a trunk?

Trunks may be reserved for up to 4 weeks. Trunks are available for loan all year.

Is there a minimum number of students required to reserve a trunk?

A minimum of 25 students is required to reserve a trunk.

Does the trunk include artifacts?

Trunks do not contain historical artifacts ONLY artifact reproductions.

How much does a trunk cost?

There is no cost for borrowing a teaching trunk. We do require that the school return three forms of feedback with their trunk:  thank-you letters, completed student evaluation form, and online teacher evaluation survey.

Who is liable for damage or lost materials?

The borrower is responsible for the trunk and its content.  Any damages or losses will be billed directly to the school.  Please review the IHMEC Teaching Trunk Information and Guidelines instructions packet regarding damaged or lost materials.

How is the trunk shipped?

IHMEC uses UPS to ship our teaching trunks. Round-trip shipping is free of charge. UPS will deliver the trunk to the front door/office of the school; schools are responsible for moving the trunks inside. Trunks may weigh up to 130 pounds. Pre-paid return labels are brought with UPS at pick-up and instructions are emailed before the scheduled pick-up date.

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