Request Form

Schools who participate in our trunk program are required to provide IHMEC with three forms of feedback:

  1. Letter of thanks to sponsor of trunk
  2. Student Evaluation Form
  3. Online Teacher Evaluation form

Instructions and materials, including an evaluation form, will be sent with your trunk.

Step 2: Contact Information

School Name:
School Phone:

Trunk Destination (Street Address):
Your Name:
Email Address:
*Email is primary mode of communication
Work Phone:
Work Fax: (optional)
Home Phone: (optional)
Cell Phone: (optional)

Step 3: Trunk Information

Trunk You Wish to Borrow:
Number of Teachers Using the Trunk:
Number of Students Using the Trunk:
Desired Arrival Date:
Desired Length of Loan:
Have you used our Trunk before?

Please type the letters into the form:



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