Power of One

Speaking out. Standing up. Making a difference. That’s the Power of One.

The Power of One takes many forms, coming to life as heroes throughout history and helping to shape our future. We see it in actions that may seem small but are no less heroic: when a woman breaks through racial barriers by refusing to give up her seat on a bus. When a survivor of genocide tells his story and empowers others to accept their neighbors. When a child on a playground stands up to a bully.

Today, one voice has the ability to change the future, just as it has changed thousands of lives in the past. Come and discover your Power of One—and learn the difference your voice can make.

The 2014 Power of One Award

Copy of Matthew Whipple with plaqueWe are pleased to announce Matthew Whipple as the recipient of our 2014 Power of One Award. Matthew has been chosen for his dedication to raising awareness about genocide and human rights abuses amongst his students and community through his work as a high school teacher and activist. As the founder and co-sponsor of Glenbrook South High School’s STAND for Peace, a student-led anti-genocide group, Matthew has inspired hundreds of students year after year to lead action projects that speak out against human rights issues and energized students to raise their political voices to fight injustice, violence and abuse. Through his diligent efforts, Matthew has shown the power of one person to make a difference in the lives of many.

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April’s Challenge, April’s Hope
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Previous Power of One Award Recipients

katherine-chon2013: Katherine Chon
Katherine Chon exemplifies the power of one person to make a difference in the lives of many. Chon is the co-founder of Polaris Project, dedicated to ending human trafficking and modern-day slavery. She combines her work on the frontlines serving victims of human trafficking with crafting long-term solutions that create systemic and social change.

Learn more about Katherine Chon and Polaris Project >

Shelley Nizynski Reese2012: Shelley Nizynski Reese
The inaugural Power of One Award was presented to Shelley Nizynski Reese, founder of two non-profit organizations that provide opportunities to deaf children in Ghana, where they are often shunned by society. Known as A Better Life for Kids in the U.S. and Midian Education Support in Ghana, these organizations provide schooling and sign language instruction and supply orphanages with food and medicine. Reese has also galvanized her students at Skokie’s McCracken Middle School to help their counterparts in Ghana.

Learn more about A Better Life for Kids >




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