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Dear Friend,
I am pleased to present our very first quarterly donor e-newsletter, Donor Insights.  In this and each subsequent issue, you’ll find insights into Museum programs and activities as well as a news section that will keep you abreast of upcoming events you won’t want to miss. Today we highlight two of our education efforts, but there are so many more.
Thanks to your generous support, the Museum reached over 75,000 students this past school year through a wide range of programming including field trips, teacher training, talks with survivors, and more.  Contributions funded a variety of different educational programs. Our Opportunity Scholarship program allows students from low income backgrounds to travel to the Museum for a field trip at low or no cost. It is one of the most powerful opportunities for students to learn about the Holocaust. Make a Difference! The Harvey L. Miller Family Youth Exhibition is explored by thousands of elementary school students each year. It includes a series of interactive learning modules and discussions designed to lay the foundation for human rights and character education.
Our literature-based Teaching Trunk program reaches students too distant to visit the Museum. These mobile units are loaded with books, poems, posters, DVDs, and other materials, helping classroom teachers share the lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides in their classrooms.
Other education programs reach deep into the community.  As the largest Midwest resource for Holocaust and human rights education, the Museum enrolls hundreds of teachers annually for professional development seminars where they learn best practices in teaching genocide awareness and character education.  The Chicago Police Department requires their recruits to participate in an intensive training day on site at the Museum. Recruits tour exhibitions, with special focus on the role of law enforcement in the Nazi regime, and explore themes of abuse of authority, stereotyping, hate crimes and ethical choices in the context of the Holocaust and current events. All told, our educational programs inspire students, teachers, law enforcement and community members to build a better future.
This school year, we expect to have a similar reach as last year. These accomplishments are only possible with your help, and we want to sincerely thank you for your continued trust in our work.Sincerely,Rick Hirschhaut
Executive Director


Hands-on learning for tens of thousands through field trips, training, and resource materials accomplish our mission.

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Teacher Larry Leck’s passion is Holocaust and Genocide education. He is transforming his students from bystanders to upstanders with support from the Museum’s professional development workshops.

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Speaker’s Bureau member Ralph Rehbok keeps the history of the Holocaust alive.

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The Museum is closed. We look forward to the near future when we can gather together again. In the meantime, we invite you to explore our website, subscribe to our e-newsletter, and visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for a steady stream of engaging content. We thank you for your continued support during these extraordinary times.

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