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Dear Friends,
It is my great pleasure to invite you to our newest special exhibition. Ruth Gruber: Photojournalist illustrates the remarkable journey of Ruth Gruber who documented many of the 20th century’s great humanitarian crises.
Thanks to Gruber, whose career spanned more than 70 years, we can witness events as they unfolded on the ship Exodus 1947, understand the desperate plight of Jewish refugees in internment camps in Cyprus, trace the immigration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel, and wonder at the windswept beauty of the Alaskan landscape of the 1930s. Thanks to you, our donors, we have been able to bring this historic exhibition to our Museum.
But your contributions go much further than making special exhibitions possible. Just as importantly, your generous gifts also preserve a different kind of history – our Museum artifacts, which allow visitors to connect with the past in a deeply personal way. A wedding photograph, a piece of clothing, an identity card, or a work permit – items showing the range of life once animating it. These unique objects require cataloging; specific light, temperature and humidity conditions; and, of course, space. Because of your help, the Museum has made great progress in professionally preserving its collection of over 22,000 artifacts and looks forward to preserving the memory and exhibiting the powerful history of the Holocaust for many years to come.
History is important. It is a potent tool for teaching universal lessons, if we are willing to listen. The Museum strives to bring the messages of history to life through all that we do: our exhibitions, growing artifact collection, and outstanding educational programs. With your ongoing support we will continue our vital work, both in this community and beyond, helping to move our society closer to coexisting and bridge building.
Many thanks again, for your kind generosity and I look forward to seeing you at our wonderful exhibition.
Fritzie Fritzshall
Holocaust Survivor
and President


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