Identify the best volunteer opportunity for you

Volunteering takes many forms, such as: tutoring, cleaning a park, providing support to refugees, or serving meals in a homeless shelter. Here’s a quiz to help you figure out the best volunteer opportunity for you.


There are tons of websites that help you find the perfect volunteering opportunity. Here are just a few we recommend:
Learn how to organize a volunteer opportunity through your school and see stories of successful initiatives.
Ideas and tools for people of any age to take action for a cause that interests them in as little as an hour.
Easily filter U.S.-based opportunities by your interest and find ways to volunteer both in-person and remotely. Fill in the phrase “I care about ____” and see what pops up.
Features opportunities around the world. Especially good for finding positions where you can volunteer professional skills–for ex. Event planning or writing website content for a nonprofit.
A resource guide with links and helpful suggestions for seniors looking for volunteering opportunities.

<See the many ways you can take action.

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