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The Final Act: The Holocaust in Hungary

January 25, 2022 | 3:30pm CST


For Grades 7-12 

Hungarian Jews were one of the last communities to be targeted by the Nazis. Hungary had a  Jewish population of 825,000 before the German invasion on March 19, 1944. Between May and  July, Nazis and Hungarian collaborators deported approximately 440,000 Jews to Auschwitz and  other camps in an effort to complete the total destruction of European Jewry. Educators will  examine this multifaceted history and investigate why Hungarian Jews were the final victims of  Nazi aggression and the implications of this unique timeline within the larger story of the  Holocaust. Educators will analyze the choices Hungarians made, to be collaborators, bystanders,  or rescuers. Participants will come away with primary sources and resources for students  engage deeply with this tragic history. 

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Photo credits: Wikipedia

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