Artifacts from the Vault

While the Museum was closed, we wanted to continue sharing our permanent collection with you. To that end, our Registrar, Emily Mohney, created a video series, “Artifacts from the Vault,” where she tells the stories of unique artifacts that are not on display in the Museum.


Anna Rauscher’s Yahrzeit

April 25, 2020 was the 96th anniversary of the death of Anna Rauscher.

Listen as our Registrar shares the story behind Anna’s Yahrzeit (anniversary of death) book.


Aron Dermon’s Diary

Aron and his wife Lisa were among the founders of the Museum, and both fought as partisans in the forests of German-occupied Poland.


Bernard Salomon’s Wallet

Hear the story behind one of our collection’s artifacts: a wallet that was once carried by Survivor Bernard Salomon.


Edgar Arnet

In this “Artifacts from the Vault,” our Registrar shares several items that belonged to Survivor Edgar Arnet, including part of his hat and spoon from Gurs concentration camp. ⁠Edgar’s daughter and grandson generously donated these items in 2013.⁠


Items From Theresienstadt Concentration Camp

Museum Registrar Emily shares artifacts on loan to the Museum from the Hesse and Meyer family, including a flashlight used by Theresienstadt guards and artwork created by camp residents.


Jaroslava Praglova

On April 30, 1945, Ravensbrück concentration camp was liberated. In commemoration of the anniversary, this edition of “Artifacts from the Vault” features Jarosalva Praglova’s summer uniform from Ravensbrück concentration camp.⁠


A Letter From the Gorski Family

Listen as our Registrar describes a letter from the Gorski family, who hid former Museum Vice President Aaron Elster and his sister during the Holocaust.


The Wolf Family

This “Artifacts from the Vault” features three unique artistic depictions of the Wolf family, created while the family was interned in Theresienstadt. After liberation, the Wolf family moved to Illinois and opened The Bagel, which has now been in business for 70 years.



This “Artifacts from the Vault” highlights the Schutzpass – “protection pass” – issued to Zoltan Reich, father of Museum docent Sue Rich. This pass was one of the thousands issued by Swiss Vice-Consul Carl Lutz, who was able to issue enough documents to save 60,000 Jews.


Seder Plate

In honor of the start of Passover, our Registrar shared the story behind a 19th century Seder Plate on loan from the Hebrew Theological College.


A Unique Pair of Hair Clippers

This “Artifacts from the Vault” features a unique pair of hair clippers used by Faina Reznikova’s mother to shave the heads of men in the Red Army. Listen as Museum Registrar shares more about Faina’s mother.

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