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Starting June 1, visitors can have a conversation with the new 3D interactive hologram of Anne’s stepsister, Holocaust Survivor Eva Schloss, in the Museum’s Abe & Ida Cooper Survivor Stories Experience, featuring Dimensions in Testimony, developed by USC Shoah Foundation in association with Illinois Holocaust Museum.

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In a special June 5 program, Ronald Leopold, Executive Director of the Anne Frank House, will reflect on Anne’s legacy and the importance of her diary as a literary work, wartime and Holocaust document, and biography of a life cut short.

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Anne Frank used her journal as an escape from her difficult circumstances. At a time in her life when she otherwise would have focused on her friends and teenage life, she was locked in an attic in hiding, using her diary as both a creative outlet and as a way to cope.

Journaling still remains as a way to reflect and process, even if our journals in 2019 are digital. In honor of Anne’s would-be 90th birthday, please share a thought about why you “journal” – on Instagram, Facebook, personal blogs, etc. – and we will compile these videos to share on our social channels and on the website for the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. All those who create a video will be able to receive a FREE journal from our Legacy Shop.

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Make your own Anne Frank Month video!

  1. Anne Frank documented her experience in a diary. Today we document our experiences with Instagram and Snapchat, and some of us still write daily.
  1. Before the Internet, young people like Anne Frank wrote in their private diaries to document their lives and express themselves. What is the power of writing something down on paper? Do you think it is becoming a lost art as most people now have keyboards in their pockets?





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