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“Welcome to the future of the preservation of memory.” —Chicago Tribune

Years from now, Holocaust Survivor stories will survive, thanks to groundbreaking three-dimensional technology Dimensions in Testimony, developed by USC Shoah Foundation’s New Dimensions in Testimony program in association with Illinois Holocaust Museum.

As seen on 60 Minutes, visitors can meet virtual Holocaust Survivors at the Museum’s Abe & Ida Cooper Survivor Stories Experience holographic theater, where high-definition holographic interview recordings paired with voice recognition technology enables Survivors to tell their deeply moving personal stories and respond to questions from the audience, inviting visitors to a personalized, one-on-one ‘conversation.’

The Museum is the first in the world to employ this technology in a permanent exhibition space.

To create this interactive experience, 13 Survivors from around the world agreed to go through a rigorous interviewing process. Each of the participating Survivors spent several days in a Los Angeles studio, answering over 2,000 questions about their Holocaust experiences before the unblinking gaze of 50-plus cameras.

Visit today to hear the stories they shared.

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At this time, seating in the holographic theater is first-come, first-serve. Reservations are available in-person at the Museum.

Theater schedule:
WEEKDAYS & WEEKENDS (every hour 11 am – 4 pm), with additional showings on weekends at 10:15 am.


September 1 – 30: Sam Harris

October 1 – 31: Eva Schloss

November 1 – 20: Pinchas Gutter

December 1 – 31: Anita Lasker-Wallfisch


Meet Virtual Survivors
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New Dimensions in TestimonySM is an initiative by USC Shoah Foundation to record and display testimony in a way that will preserve the dialogue between Holocaust survivors and learners far into the future. Collaborating within the project are Illinois Holocaust Museum, with technology by USC Institute for Creative Technologies, and concept by Conscience Display. Funding for New Dimensions in TestimonySM was provided in part by Pears Foundation, Louis. F. Smith, Melinda Goldrich and Andrea Cayton/Goldrich Family Foundation in honor of Jona Goldrich, and Illinois Holocaust Museum. Other partners include CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center.

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