Student Leadership Days

Mukesh with students


Student Leadership Days is a mission-driven program, central to the Museum’s work of teaching the universal lessons of the Holocaust and integral to our ability to connect directly with students who are ready to take on a positive leadership role in their communities. Our intensive Student Leadership Day programming engages students in 5th – 11th grades in a variety of age-appropriate activities, that inspire them to build their leadership skills, explore their roles as citizens, and develop a deeper awareness and understanding of the Holocaust, genocide, and other human rights issues.

Students leave with increased knowledge, and new tools and resources that emphasize the importance of standing up against injustice and bigotry. The program offers participants an opportunity to engage with diverse peers and participate in discussions about perspectives other than their own, increasing their self-efficacy, potential for learning, and ability to return to their communities to promote greater acceptance and understanding.

 Stand Up! Student Leadership Day for 5th-6th Grade >

Presented by:
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Additional supported provided by: Jacob J. Fink Charitable Foundation; The Slomo & Cindy Silvian Foundation, Inc.; and an anonymous foundation.

Education Services are supported with generous grants from: Dr. Scholl Foundation; Leah Gutman Education Fund; John and Eunice Johnson Education Fund; Harry & Sadie Lasky Foundation; Francis L. Lederer Foundation; MetLife Foundation; Charles & M.R. Shapiro Foundation.

Additional endowment support is provided by: The Mayor Richard M. and Maggie C. Daley Education Fund; The Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation Program Endowment Fund; and Teachers Educational Endowment Fund.



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