Request Form

Schools who participate in our trunk program are required to provide IHMEC with three forms of feedback:

  1. Letter of thanks to sponsor of trunk
  2. Photographs of trunk being used by students
  3. Evaluation form

Instructions and materials, including an evaluation form, will be sent with your trunk.

Step 2: Contact Information

School Name:
School Phone:

Trunk Destination (Street Address):
Your Name:
Email Address:
*Email is primary mode of communication
Work Phone:
Work Fax: (optional)
Home Phone: (optional)
Cell Phone: (optional)

Step 3: Trunk Information

Trunk You Wish to Borrow:
Number of Teachers Using the Trunk:
Number of Students Using the Trunk:
Desired Arrival Date:
Desired Length of Loan:
Have you used our Trunk before?

Please type the letters into the form:



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