Teaching Trunk Program

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The Illinois Holocaust Museum’s literature-based teaching trunk program provides K – 12 educators with a wide array of resources for classroom units on character education, human rights, the Holocaust and/or genocide.  Each trunk allows educators to create meaningful, age/grade appropriate lessons employing award – winning fiction, non-fiction, historical reference materials, as well as DVDs and teaching posters. The focus of each trunk has been carefully developed to address State and National Learning Standards, including Common Core State Standards.

Trunk Themes

Character Education Holocaust Genocide
K-2nd grade (New!)
Myself, My Community
5th-6th grade
Memory, History, Culture
7th-12th grade
On Our Watch:
Genocide and Human Rights


3rd-4th grade (New!)
Our Town, Our Community
7th-8th grade
Historical Perspectives Through Different Voices


5th-6th grade
Memory, History, Culture
9th-12th grade
Investigating Human Behavior

Inside the Trunks

  • Reference and resources materials
  • Classroom sets (30 copies)
  • Literature Circle sets
  • Read –aloud titles
  • DVDs
  • Posters
  • Curriculum Framework Binder*

Trunks do not contain historical artifacts or artifact reproductions.


More Information

Trunk FAQ >

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*The curriculum framework binder contains an introduction to each trunk; synopses of select books and films with rationale, discussion questions, and activities; additional resources; and professional readings.


Generously supported by: Bank of America; The Jacob J. Fink Charitable Foundation; J.P. Morgan Chase; Kraft Foods; Motorola Foundation; RBC Wealth Management; State Farm; Bruce and Elizabeth White.

Education Services are supported with generous grants from: Dr. Scholl Foundation; Leah Gutman Education Fund; John and Eunice Johnson Education Fund; Harry & Sadie Lasky Foundation; Francis L. Lederer Foundation; Francis L. Lederer Foundation; MetLife Foundation; Charles & M.R. Shapiro Foundation; and an anonymous foundation.

Additional endowment support is provided by: The Mayor Richard M. and Maggie C. Daley Education Fund; The Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation Program Endowment Fund; and Teachers Educational Endowment Fund.



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