Museum Staff

Museum Staff

Executive Office

  • Chief Executive Officer, Susan L. Abrams
  • Assistant to Chief Executive Officer, Dominika Przybyl

Education and Exhibitions

  • Vice President of Education and Exhibitions, Shoshana Buchholz-Miller
  • Director of Education, Kelley H. Szany
  • Director of Special Projects, Lillian Polus Gerstner
  • Harvey L. Miller Family Youth Educator, Amanda Friedeman
  • Education Coordinator, Matthew Sackel
  • Education Outreach Coordinator, Jessica Hulten
  • Chief Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, Arielle Weininger
  • Exhibitions Manager, John Tweedie
  • Collections Manager, Emily Mohney


  • Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Mary Gold
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Amanda Berrios
  • Partnership Development ManagerAnne Cullen
  • Visitor Experiences and Volunteer Coordinator, Fanny Sampson


  • Vice President of Development, Ken Cooper
  • Assistant Director of Development, Jessica Lindholm
  • Associate Director of Development – Public & Private Grants, Eve Samson
  • Associate Director of Development – Annual Giving and Membership, Lori Fagenholz
  • Development Coordinator,Daniel Noga
  • Event Coordinator, Allison Block
  • Development Assistant, Cassandra Londo


  • Vice President of Finance and Operations, Eric Schwager
  • Accounting Manager, Keith Kijek
  • Operations Coordinator, Kate Kelly
  • Director of Security, David Smart
  • Assistant Director of Security, Ilan Levine
  • Security Coordinator, Nicholas Senese, Jr.
  • IT Manager, John Klimek
  • Technology Operations Coordinator, Joey Olivares
  • Building Operations Manager, Tony Scheurich
  • Head Custodian, Omar Ortiz
  • Custodian, Matt Duda
  • Custodian, August Mosco



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